Sushma Gyawali

Sushma Gyawali
Office Administrator
Fitness buff | World traveller | Good listener
Sushma Gyawali
“Believe in yourself and trust in yourself.”

Quick to smile, Sushma is often the first person that clients and visitors meet when they arrive at the Tait office. A multilingual, multiskilled administrator, she brings valuable accounting and auditing skills and experience to the firm.

Sushma fell in love with the Yellowknife after arriving here in 2013. Deciding to stay and build a life in the North, she drew from her extensive banking experience to work for several years as a bank branch ambassador and customer service representative in Yellowknife. She also gained valuable experience as an accountant for a local recreational vehicle dealership before coming to Tait.

Involved in everything from human resources and accounting to ensuring her fellow Taiters get paid on time, her ability to carry out tasks correctly and efficiently is appreciated by her coworkers. Sushma also values the flexibility and the opportunities the office administrator’s role offers. She enjoys sharing her skills while learning from others at Tait.

Fully multilingual in English, Nepali and Hindi, Sushma draws on her Masters in Administration as well as an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies in her work.

She is a strong believer in exercising for fitness and health, and it is not unusual to see Sushma park her car and walk briskly along the roadside for kilometres. She also has a love for natural and organic food, and enjoys cooking and having fun with her family and others.