Natalie Labossière

Natalie Labossière
Senior Facilitator
Listener | Innovator | Creator
Natalie Labossière
“Considering an idea is like cooking spaghetti: sometimes you have to throw it on the wall to see if it sticks.”

Natalie is a skilled listener who opens her heart and mind when people tell her their stories. This is an ability that has served her well in life and within her role as a facilitator.

Fully bilingual in French and English, she draws on more than 30 years of experience in the education, culture and public sectors and has travelled across Canada to provide consulting services to federal, territorial and provincial agencies, national educational associations, publishers and multimedia production companies.

A proud Yellowknifer since 2011, Natalie also enjoys meeting and talking with new people, whether within her roles as a teacher, communicator and facilitator, or just in everyday life.

When facilitating, her intuitive people skills allow her to tap into the knowledge in a room while asking timely questions to spark discussions about new directions and possibilities to find common ground and purpose from which to move forward. 

Natalie holds a Bachelor of Education from the Université de Saint-Boniface in Manitoba and has enjoyed a long and successful career as a multidisciplinary artist in both the performing and puppetry arts, which she pursued in parallel to her career as a facilitator and consultant. A former coach for the Canadian Just for Laughs Improv Team, she is comfortable performing on stage, or behind the scenes.

Her arts experience has also given her unique insight on ways people from various backgrounds can collaborate.