Kevin Cull

Kevin Cull
Account Manager
Writer | Creative thinker | Black belt
Kevin Cull
“I believe in never using complex words when simple ones will do. It makes for much better communication.”

Kevin joined Tait in 2013 and has eagerly jumped into a variety of projects.

While he’s spent most of his life in Atlantic Canada, he recently returned to the North. Having lived in the Yukon for a little while as a teenager, when the opportunity arose to come back to the North, he just couldn’t say no.

Kevin had always been attracted to creative pursuits. His first love is writing, but he’s eager to try his hand at whatever he can: music, design, illustration, sometimes even computer code.

When it comes to communication, Kevin is drawn to plain language that can express big ideas. Long words don’t necessarily make for better writing. Having worked in the technology industry for years, he’s used to taking complex ideas and turning them into something that everyone can understand and get excited about.

Kevin has an advanced diploma in public relations from Nova Scotia Community College and an honours degree in political science and philosophy from Dalhousie University.