Sport North strategic planning


Sport North is a territory-wide organization that consists of 27 Territorial Sport Organizations and three partner organizations. Tasked with the responsibility of providing programs and services for organized sport throughout the NWT, Sport North’s board of directors engaged in an eight-month consultative process to develop its new strategic plan. Following this process, Sport North contracted Tait to conduct a series of facilitated sessions to allow members to provide feedback on the draft plan; to fine tune the goals, objectives and strategies of the new plan, based on this feedback; and to finalize the plan.


Tait initially developed a PowerPoint presentation to review the priorities, goals and objectives of the plan with all Sport North members in attendance at the annual general meeting. Following this, we facilitated a discussion to elicit member feedback on each strategic priority, and then used this information to make recommendations to Sport North’s board of directors. Based on our performance during this session, Sport North hired Tait to facilitate two subsequent sessions.

For the second session, Sport North wanted to find an effective way for staff to incorporate the member feedback into the plan. Tait developed a full-day planning session that focused on outcomes and on developing SMART goals, objectives and strategies (that is, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound).

For the third session, Tait worked with Sport North staff to develop specific action plans that would move the organization toward the goals of its new plan. Identifying key barriers and critical success factors, Tait helped the group think clearly and develop a detailed plan that was in line with Sport North’s vision, mission and goals for the next five years.