Our Deline web & social media


The Our Deline campaign  was an enormous undertaking that eventually led to the community of Deline achieving the first community-based self-government agreement in the NWT. Because eligible voters were spread not just across the NWT, but across Canada, it was clear that the web would be an invaluable tool for sharing information, starting discussions and encouraging people to vote.


Tait began by developing an attractive website that acted as a storehouse of information on the vote, and on what self-government would mean for Deline. From there, we launched a YouTube channel that featured interviews with community leaders on the benefits of self-government, as well as with community members on what self-government means to them. Those videos were also integrated into the Our Deline website.

Perhaps the greatest success of this campaign was the role social media and social media advertising played in reaching voters and creating excitement about the vote, as well as a dynamic, genuine dialogue about self-government. The Our Deline Facebook page achieved more than 760 likes (there were roughly 700 eligible voters) and the page’s content reached a peak of 82,000 people, with daily content reach averaging nearly 6,000 people per day.

Visit the website: http://ourdeline.ca