Our Deline campaign videography


In March 2014, Deline First Nation members and land claim beneficiaries were set for a historic vote to determine whether Deline would approve the first community-based self-government agreement in the NWT. In the months leading up to the vote, Tait was contracted to help the Self-Government team reach potential voters to educate them on the self-government agreement and the importance of voting. Reaching all eligible voters presented a challenge. Roughly half lived outside Deline and many lived outside the NWT. Some spoke English as a second language, or in some cases not at all. Literacy levels also varied considerably.


See more campaign videos www.ourdeline.ca/videos

Among the methods Tait employed to reach eligible voters, we produced an online video series that could be easily accessed from anywhere. The videos were made up of interviews with members of the Self-Government team, Deline elders and other community members, in both English and North Slavey, and discussed various aspects of the self-government agreement and the importance of voting.

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