NTPC communications strategy


NTPC had an active communications program and a wealth of longitudinal data related to the effectiveness of its internal and external communications. However, it was lacking a long-term communications strategy that pulled together all this information in a way that clearly aligned communications goals and objectives with NTPC’s corporate strategic plan to ensure communications resources were being used as effectively as possible.


Tait recognized that NTPC’s communications advisor had significant experience and expertise, and that their role was to contribute their strategic analysis and insight to bring all the existing knowledge together into a clear and cohesive strategy. We started by analyzing all existing employee and client survey data, and doing a comprehensive one-year retrospective analysis of media and social media coverage of NTPC and related issues. We discussed operational needs, opportunities and challenges with our client to ensure the strategy would be solid and realistic. From there, we developed an annotated outline of the five-year strategy and presented it to the senior management team. With this input, we completed the five-year strategy and, once it was approved, developed a detailed plan for the first year of its implementation.