Minister’s Forum on Addictions


The Minister of Health and Social Services established the Minister’s Forum on Addictions and Community Wellness to make recommendations on how the NWT can address addictions issues in its communities. From December to March, forum members traveled to 21 communities across every region of the NWT to meet with community leaders, caregivers, non-government organizations, and community members to hear ideas about community-based solutions for addictions programming and supports. Tait Communications was contracted to provide all logistical services associated with this ambitious series of meetings.

To add an extra challenge, all forum members were supposed to become acquainted with the issues that mattered to people across the NWT, but all forum members could not be present in all communities, and there were different note takers at each meeting. How could we ensure that all members saw the whole picture and not just the issues in the communities or regions they visited?


Tait provided the following services:

  • coordinated consultation meetings in 24 communities, including all venue rentals, interpretation services, catering and sound rentals
  • arranged travel and accommodation arrangements for forum members
  • arranged and provided note-taking services as needed in the communities visited by the forum
  • produced a roll-up report of all community meetings to prepare forum members for a subsequent planning meeting
  • worked with forum members to write a final report to the Minister of Health and Social Services

When engaged as a note-taker, Tait also provided facilitation support for the forum’s planning meetings. In addition, when the forum member originally identified to write the report was unavailable due to a scheduling conflict, Tait stepped in write the majority of the final report.

In the roll-up report, Tait developed a planning tool that was used to provide an “at-a-glance” update for forum members, summarizing recurring themes across all communities, and pointing out any differences (regionally and according to community size). Tait also helped produce a final report containing the forum’s recommendations