Frog Lake and Mikisew Cree First Nations media strategy


In early January 2013, the Frog Lake First Nation and Mikisew Cree First Nation challenged the legality of the Federal Government’s omnibus bills, Bill C-38 and Bill C-45, which they identified as having serious implications for the protection of First Nations land and treaty rights.

Tait was hired to plan, organize, manage, and implement a national media strategy to gain attention for this constitutional challenge.


Tait developed a communication, media and social media strategy and a detailed plan that both clients and their various advisors could review, provide input on and approve, paving the way for efficient implementation. We confirmed the issues and crafted key messages, which were also approved in advance.  With these tools in place, Tait developed speaking points, background information and a media release. We organized a national news conference and coordinated a number of national media interview opportunities for the chiefs. In addition, we coordinated and managed an active social media strategy to engage, connect with and garner interest within the public.

Frog Lake and Mikisew spokespersons were well prepared and remained on message, resulting in delivery of a clear and compelling message.

The news conference was attended by five television networks, the Canadian Press, as well as the Globe and Mail and Edmonton Journal. Fourteen media interviews were conducted, including national coverage on both CBC and CTV.