FASD Partnership Symposium


The Department of Health and Social Services contracted Tait to create a short video to help launch the 2014 FASD Partnership Symposium to help illustrate the challenges faced by individuals living with FASD in the North as well as their successes.


Focusing on the personal stories of two individuals from different NWT communities, Tait created a short narrative that illustrated the challenges each of them faced and highlighted their personal successes. These personal messages were complemented by commentary from each individual’s support network, as well as interviews that put each story into a territorial context.

The final video delivered by Tait was a short yet powerful message about the realities of FASD in the Northwest Territories.

Being on camera can be difficult under the best of circumstances, and Tait understood that sharing deeply personal stories about living with FASD could be a challenge. Our team made sure that our subjects were comfortable sharing stories about themselves, and took care to edit the video in a way that delivered their messages in an authentic and touching way.

Working on a tight timeline to deliver the video in time for the symposium, Tait also facilitated two focus groups with HSS staff and other stakeholders to get feedback on the rough cut of the video and determine what additional edits might be needed. By gathering all decision-makers in a single room, Tait was able to streamline the editing process, making sure our client’s vision was realized while keeping the project on schedule.