Education Renewal key messaging and communications facilitations


The Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) has set upon a course of education renewal. This process, which will evolve the education system over the next 10 years or more, will make fundamental changes to how NWT students engage with learning. Part of the success of the Education Renewal Initiative (ERI) will depend on solid communication with stakeholders so that they understand why the system is being renewed, how it will be renewed, and to instill confidence that the process will achieve the envisioned outcomes for northerners.

ECE asked Tait to facilitate three sessions related to stakeholder communications.


In the first workshop, ECE asked Tait to guide departmental representatives through a process to develop high-level messaging regarding the ERI. At the end of the day-and-a-half session, ECE had identified umbrella high-level messaging, as well as the specific messages required for audience segments. In addition, the discussion enabled Tait to propose a messaging strategy, which includes the approach to communicating with target audiences.

As a follow-up to the messaging workshop, Tait delivered message and presentation training to teams of presenters who would take the ERI message to communities.

In the third session, Tait led the NWT Education Renewal Communications Advisory Committee through updates on the ERI Action Plan, and discussions and recommendations with respect to communicating about the Action Plan to appropriate stakeholders and publics.