Department of Justice Informatics Management Strategy


The Informatics Division of the Department of Justice had a rough draft of a five-year informatics strategy and a clear idea of its strategic objectives. What it lacked was the time and resources to take the document to the next level so that it could be used to inform and engage with senior management and other colleagues at Justice and in other GNWT departments. It was critical that the plan effectively communicate the key issues the division was facing, its plan to address these issues and the support required from others to make critical changes. The final document would need to be in Word format and fully editable. In addition, the division needed key elements of the five-year strategy pulled out and expanded upon in a more detailed first-year implementation plan.


Tait was asked to bring its strategic planning, editing and desktop publishing capacity to the project to produce a concise, strategic and professional-looking document. The project was led by a senior consultant with strategic planning experience who worked with a designer and a consultant who had experience maximizing the potential of Word document design. We started by doing a detailed review of the existing document and proposing ways to restructure and shorten the text. The rest of the team was then briefed on the vision for the revised document.

Tait was able to take a very technical document and translate it into a strategic piece that had substance, strategic-focus and a professional look and feel. Tait then worked from the five-year strategy and produced a first-year implementation plan that was clearly connected to the five-year plan both visually and structurally. Both documents were clear, concise and easy to read. Infographics were used to succinctly illustrate key concepts.