De Beers socio-economic reports


As per its socio-economic agreement with the GNWT, De Beers must report annually on progress against commitments in the agreement. It also wanted to do so in a way that would be engaging to stakeholders. So in 2010, and again in 2013 onward, De Beers worked with Tait to produce an annual socio-economic report that not only meets the De Beers brand, but tells interesting stories of De Beers Canada and its role in the NWT.


Tait has focused on profiling De Beers’ success through stories of its people (employees and contractors), and positioned De Beers as a company that it working hard to meet its commitments—in some cases is going above and beyond.

Starting in 2014, De Beers Canada changed the format of its reports to meet the Socio-Economic Assessment Toolkit (SEAT) requirements for the De Beers worldwide brand. Tait produced not only the SEAT report for the Snap Lake Mine in the NWT, but also the report for De Beers’ Victor Mine in northern Ontario.