De Beers Canada media skills workshop


De Beers is a company that is often in the news. It needs to engage with the media, but at the same time, like many corporations, can be wary of media coverage of sensitive topics. De Beers’ senior management team receives annual media training to keep their skills sharp, so that they are always ready when the media comes calling.


Because De Beers trains regularly on media relations, Tait took the time to understand the current and emerging issues of the company, and specific to the roles of every training participant. We customized our course delivery to work with those specific scenarios and needs, making the training relevant and practical.

Participants discussed the role of media in their business, examined good and bad media interview samples, and practiced two mock interview scenarios each. Participants both gave interviews, and coached and critiqued their colleagues, providing two approaches to hands on learning.

Tait took the time to create media interview questions based on real and current issues affecting De Beers, helping its executives to begin the thinking around messaging and positioning of these issues in the public realm.