Active for Life Centre business case


Establishing a Sport Centre of Excellence was part of Sport North's strategic plan. It is seen as a way to encourage NWT sport and fitness organizations to work collaboratively to support athletes and coaches across the NWT in a way that is efficient, effective, and sustainable.

With the likelihood of the 2023 Canada Games being held in the NWT, there is a high need for the Centre in support of fielding a competitive home team for the Games. Not only would an Active for Life Centre achieve this, it would create a legacy of physical literacy, and physical activity for northerners.


Tait completed a study to compile a business case for the Active for Life Centre. The business case would be used to demonstrate the need, lasting benefits, and investment required to establish the centre.

We started with the need. Tait drew on scientific and research studies from across Canada and around the world to demonstrate the proven links between sport and physical activity and a broad spectrum of physical and mental health outcomes, and further, the links between physical activity levels and health care costs for governments. We interviewed a number of stakeholders from across the NWT to identify the need for the Centre as well as to tease out the sport and activity sector’s vision for the Centre.

Models of similar centres across Canada were studied for their history, composition, and success in achieving their goals.

Based on the research, three potential models were identified for an NWT Active for Life Centre, along with potential candidate facility constructs. Financial estimates were established to provide a quantum of the resources required to establish and operate an Active for Life Centre.