2014 NWT Energy Charrette: speaking points


In 2013, the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment hosted the first NWT Energy Charrette to listen to the views of northerners and to help develop the Northwest Territories Energy Action Plan. Since that time, energy, and particularly energy costs, have continued to be of interest to northerners, and key circumstances have changed. So in November 2014, the GNWT held its second Energy Charrette.

Tait was hired to provide a number of communications services for the charrette, including writing speaking notes for the premier to introduce the event.


Tait first met with a GNWT representative to review notes on the event and determine the key points that would be touched on by the premier. Because the premier is accustomed to speaking in public and we did not want to deter him from speaking off the cuff, we recommended speaking notes rather than a complete speech.

The notes set the tone for the charrette: acknowledging that the NWT faces challenges with providing energy in the territory, and updating the public on the initiatives the GNWT has taken to address those challenges, as well as outlining what the GNWT hoped to achieve through the charrette.