Portfolio projects

Want to find out what Tait can do for you? Take a look at some of the projects that we've done.

In 2013, NACC decided that it was time to update its website. Its old site had been around for nearly a decade and couldn’t provide the conveniences of a modern website. The new site needed to have a contemporary look, be simple to update and make it easy for people to buy tickets to shows or get involved with NACC.

In order to be successful as a training kitchen, the Smokehouse had to be successful as a busy buffet-style restaurant. But the Smokehouse was located in the community of Ndilo, which is outside of Yellowknife’s downtown core. For that success to come, people had to know about the Smokehouse and want to drive the extra few minutes to get there.

Since 2011, Tait has been developing and managing the promotional materials for Folk on the Rocks. Each year, we build a visual theme that reflects the unique qualities of the North, the Folk on the Rocks festival, and summer in the NWT. Using images invoking nature, music, and our Aboriginal and modern heritage, we designed the website, newspaper ads, roadside signs, merchandise and more to make the North’s biggest music festival even better.

Tait created a branding solution that reflects Ayni’s professional services, with a logo that feels very welcoming and positive. The symbol is comprised of stylized icons of people that form a circle and are raising their hands together. The people icons are actually based on the letter “A” and, together, create an eye-catching symbol that can represent the spark of an idea or something organic like a plant. The typefont was chosen for its serif, which is friendly yet structured and solid. The letter “y” has been altered as well.

As a part of meeting its commitments, De Beers has a regular need to produce materials to sponsor and advertise social and cultural events, advertise career opportunities, and to inform stakeholders and the public about its activities.

A number of organizations in the NWT are undertaking programs related to climate change, but the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) wanted to collect as much information as possible in one place. To do this, it wanted a “one-stop shop” website where government departments, non-profit partners and engaged members of the public could gather information about climate change as it relates to the NWT and its residents.

The Department of Health and Social Services contracted Tait to create a short video to help launch the 2014 FASD Partnership Symposium to help illustrate the challenges faced by individuals living with FASD in the North as well as their successes.
Focusing on the personal stories of two individuals from different NWT communities, Tait created a short narrative that illustrated the challenges each of them faced and highlighted their personal successes.

In the fall of 2012, forecasts showed that money coming in to the GNWT would grow more slowly in the coming years. As a result, the GNWT would not be able to allow spending to grow at the same rate as it had in the past.
Facing some difficult budgeting choices, the Minister of Finance, Michael Miltenberger, set out to engage in a dialogue with NWT residents and businesses about their priorities for government investment. Tait Communications was contracted to design and facilitate the first ever “Budget Dialogue” to seek the advice of Northerners.

Top of the World Travel’s services were starting to be seen as obsolete because computer and internet tools allow people to book travel with the click of a button. The public needed to be educated on the advantages to using Top, and the added value of using a capable travel agency.

The first step was to conduct in-depth research, which included focus groups in 18 northern communities. We then developed and implemented a mass media tobacco communications strategy, “Don’t be a Butthead — Be Smoke Free.” Youth learned the facts and effects of smoking and were encouraged to commit to be smoke free. Over a six-year campaign that included innovative classroom presentations, prizes and events, youth learned the facts and effects of smoking and were encouraged to be smoke free.

Tait developed a branding strategy that fit with the other Det’on Cho companies, while still maintaining Bouwa Whee’s individual identity. We developed promotional material like business cards, brochures and a series of print ads, wrote and designed proposals and created a new website. With the company’s expansion, we also redesigned its policies and procedures manual and orientation manuals for staff at the Snap Lake and Diavik mines.

Tait co-ordinated and conducted video workshops, with the assistance of Reel Youth (www.reelyouth.ca) and Aaron ‘Godson’ Hernandez, to help explore their ideas, and express themselves about addictions. Videos ranged from dramatic to comical to musical, but all provided a poignant look at the issue of addictions through the eyes of youth.

Tait created a new branding concept for Kompas Solutions that blends old world graphics with a sophisticated logo and design, highlighting Kompas’ professional consulting services while maintaining a connection to traditional values and ethics. Once completed, we applied the brand to produce a stationery package, print advertisements, as well as promotional USB business cards to market Kompas to potential clients.

Tait worked closely with ITI to develop marketing concepts and ad templates that were consistent with the existing look and feel for the “Naturally Spectacular NWT Parks” brand and highlighted the ideals of safety, service and accessibility ITI wanted to promote. The marketing concepts highlighted “Rivers and Lakes” and “Parks and Wilderness” as iconic attractions while countering negative perceptions of the NWT as a leisure road travel and camping destination.

Tait developed a professionally-designed interactive website to promote filming and industry services in the NWT.