Web & social media solutions

The Internet has become an integral part of doing business. It’s an evolving platform and it can feel hard to keep up. At Tait, we stay on top of the latest trends to make sure our advice is current and relevant. Every organization needs a website, but social media, photos and video are becoming increasingly popular ways to engage with customers, stakeholders, and even employees. We can help you understand the digital world, find out how well your organization in doing online and develop strategies specific to your organization.

What we bring to the table:

  • Website development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media strategy, implementation, monitoring and management
  • Social media training
  • Online advertising
  • Multimedia presentation development
  • Video production
  • Webinar delivery
  • Mobile web development
  • Online reputation management
  • Online intelligence

Showcase of Web & social media solutions

Khione Resources website

Khione Resources is a northern HR company that has been populating mining camps with skilled labour for years.
Khione required a website that would allow employers to find information on Khione and its services, and allow job seekers to upload their resumes.
Tait developed a Drupal-based website that provided information for both employers and job seekers, and allows job seekers to upload their resumes directly to Khione.


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