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HEAP workshop

The Department of Municipal and Community Affairs manages the Highway Emergency Alerting Protocol (HEAP), which outlines how community emergency response personnel and communities will respond to highway emergencies in their jurisdiction. The protocol required updating to confirm its validity, update its content, and to address changes in the operating environment that might affect the ability to respond to emergency situations across the territory.

Tait Engage training courses

Tait used our previous experience to develop a suite of training packages that could be offered as open-enrollment courses or easily brought to clients. While the off-the-shelf nature of the courses allows them to be quickly and easily delivered, they can also be tailored to a client’s needs.

Sport North strategic planning

Tait initially developed a PowerPoint presentation to review the priorities, goals and objectives of the plan with all Sport North members in attendance at the annual general meeting. Following this, we facilitated a discussion to elicit member feedback on each strategic priority, and then used this information to make recommendations to Sport North’s board of directors.


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