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De Beers Canada media skills workshop

De Beers is a company that is often in the news. De Beers’ senior management team receives annual media training to keep their skills sharp, so that they are always ready when the media comes calling.
Tait Communication took the time to create media interview questions based on real and current issues affecting De Beers, helping its executives to begin the thinking around messaging and positioning of these issues in the public realm.

Budget Dialogues

In the fall of 2012, forecasts showed that money coming in to the GNWT would grow more slowly in the coming years. As a result, the GNWT would not be able to allow spending to grow at the same rate as it had in the past.
Facing some difficult budgeting choices, the Minister of Finance, Michael Miltenberger, set out to engage in a dialogue with NWT residents and businesses about their priorities for government investment. Tait Communications was contracted to design and facilitate the first ever “Budget Dialogue” to seek the advice of Northerners.

Northern Property REIT

Not in my backyard! This was the rally cry of neighbours in response to Northern Property REIT’s (NPR’s) plans to build a housing complex on an urban infill lot. Having completed one public information meeting on the project, NPR called Tait to provide assistance, advice, and facilitation services for future communication with the public on this project.

Yellowknife Co-op marketing strategy

Tait used an intensive planning session to develop the Co-op’s brand/positioning statement, define what sets it apart from the competition and identify marketing goals, objectives and tactics.

Once planning was complete, Tait designed and printed the Co-op’s marketing plan. Using vibrant images that showcase the Co-op’s superior product and quality, this comprehensive document is meant to provide direction to the Co-op management team for the duration of the five year marketing plan.


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