Facilitation & training

Facilitation, coaching and training

Showcase of Facilitation & training

Sahtu Wildlife Cumulative Effects Monitoring Workshop

Tait Communications worked closely with ENR staff to prepare the agenda and facilitation process to ensure that it would help achieve the desired outcomes for the workshop, and our facilitator worked with ENR staff at the workshop to alter the approach as necessary to address the needs and interests of participants while still ensuring that ENR’s objectives for the workshop were met.

AVENS board planning

Tait initially worked with the board of directors in 2013 to develop a strategic plan. AVENS’ vision, mission, goals, and objectives resulted from this session, but these points still had to be communicated to management.

HSS teambuilding

Tait designed a teambuilding and planning workshop to help the Territorial Health Services Division work effectively in a team-based setting to accomplish the division’s projects and core business.


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