Creative services

Looking good matters. When you want your organization to stand out, our team of award-winning designers, photographers and videographers can help you shine. We aren’t happy to simply give you what we think looks good. We work with you to ensure that our work truly reflects your organization and its message. Whether you need a logo, a brochure, a video or a full suite of branding essentials, we can help your organization get the attention you deserve.

What we bring to the table:

  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Videography

Showcase of Creative services

Kompas Solutions

Tait created a new branding concept for Kompas Solutions that blends old world graphics with a sophisticated logo and design, highlighting Kompas’ professional consulting services while maintaining a connection to traditional values and ethics. Once completed, we applied the brand to produce a stationery package, print advertisements, as well as promotional USB business cards to market Kompas to potential clients.

De Beers

As a part of meeting its commitments, De Beers has a regular need to produce materials to sponsor and advertise social and cultural events, advertise career opportunities, and to inform stakeholders and the public about its activities.

Come Make Your Mark campaign

The Northwest Territories’ population declined in 2009 while the rest of Canada’s population grew. Industry, Tourism and Investment set out to launch an NWT awareness campaign that would dispel myths about the NWT, highlight the opportunities and show the rest of Canada what it is like to live and work in the NWT. Our challenge was to bring this vision to life with a marketing campaign and set the NWT apart from other parts of Canada.

Folk on the Rocks 2011-2013

Since 2011, Tait has been developing and managing the promotional materials for Folk on the Rocks. Each year, we build a visual theme that reflects the unique qualities of the North, the Folk on the Rocks festival, and summer in the NWT. Using images invoking nature, music, and our Aboriginal and modern heritage, we designed the website, newspaper ads, roadside signs, merchandise and more to make the North’s biggest music festival even better.

Ayni Conceptions

Tait created a branding solution that reflects Ayni’s professional services, with a logo that feels very welcoming and positive. The symbol is comprised of stylized icons of people that form a circle and are raising their hands together. The people icons are actually based on the letter “A” and, together, create an eye-catching symbol that can represent the spark of an idea or something organic like a plant. The typefont was chosen for its serif, which is friendly yet structured and solid. The letter “y” has been altered as well.

Smokehouse Café

In order to be successful as a training kitchen, the Smokehouse had to be successful as a busy buffet-style restaurant. But the Smokehouse was located in the community of Ndilo, which is outside of Yellowknife’s downtown core. For that success to come, people had to know about the Smokehouse and want to drive the extra few minutes to get there.


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