GNWT & GN Standing Offer Agreements

If you work for the Government of the NWT or Government of Nunavut, did you know that Tait has a number of Standing Offer Agreements (SOAs) with your government that can make it easy and convenient for you to get the support you need with communications and more?

What is a Standing Offer Agreement (SOA)?

An SOA is an agreement between the GNWT/GN and a contractor that:

  1. Qualifies a contractor to deliver a certain range or work
  2. Sets out standards and rates associated with doing work within the scope of the SOA
  3. Makes it easier and quicker to get your work done by a contractor

When an SOA is in place, it becomes an alternative to the Request for Proposal process. It allows you to get your project going more quickly and simply.

Tait SOAs


  • Strategic Communications Campaign and Marketing Services
  • Communications Planning, Research and Evaluation Services
  • Editorial Services

For more information, see our GNWT brochure.


  • Public Relations, Communications and Facilitation
  • Communications and Editorial Services
  • Event Management Services
  • Branding and Marketing Services
  • Design and Print Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Policy Research, Development and Writing
  • Surveys and Public Opinion

For more information, see our GN brochure.