Engage: facilitation, coaching and training

Every organization needs to engage with its people, with information and with new ideas. Sometimes you need a meeting or focus group to share ideas or gather information. Sometimes you need to define your organization’s direction by involving staff and stakeholders in strategic planning. Sometimes you want to improve employee skills through training or coaching.  And sometimes you need to build a stronger team.
Engage is Tait’s suite of training, facilitation and consultation services that are designed to involve your organization in the right conversations at the right times.

Engage in Communication Training.

Communication is pervasive in our working and personal lives. It is a core competency that is often taken for granted. Making a small investment in strengthening this core competency will bring huge returns.

Tait will host several open-enrollment courses. October-December courses are listed below.
Download our full schedule and rates and our registration form . Or email marsha@taitcc.com.

Emotional Intelligence - Street smarts to balance your book smarts    
How to build effective teams    
Interpersonal communication - It’s a full body workout    
Keeping your textual communication comprehensible - Writing in plain language    
Presentation skills - The course your future audience will thank you for    
Customer Service Training    
Effective Meetings