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We’re not as good at making decisions as we think we are—but we can do something about it

By Lisa Kenney 

Earlier this year I completed a PhD in Decision Science. When I tell people this, the usual reaction is, “A PhD in what? What’s that?” My usual response is, “I look at the psychology behind how people make decisions and apply this to stakeholder engagement and decision-making in anything from energy planning to community development.” “OK, cool. So what?” is the general follow-up comment.  So what indeed.

Nunavut restaurant

Travelling in Nunavut: It’s About Being Real

By Nancy Mullick

Business travel in Nunavut is either super exciting (for some) or a challenge (for most). Either way, it’s almost always an adventure. Weather. Flight cancellations. Basic accommodations. Variable store and restaurant hours. No restaurant.

It’s a journey to the unpredictable.

And that’s the predictable part.

Let's get started

Why Every Small Business Needs a Web Presence—Yes, Even in the North

By Kevin Cull

Even though the North covers an enormous area, it still feels like a small community sometimes. We have roughly the same population as a medium-sized city like St. John’s or Thunder Bay—spread across all three territories. That’s nearly 40 percent of Canada’s landmass. And within each territory that sense of community is even stronger.

It’s Not Goodbye, Just See You Later: Marsha’s Last Days at Tait

It’s Not Goodbye, Just See You Later: Marsha’s Last Days at Tait

By Marsha Walker

“Don’t Cry Because it’s Over. Smile Because it Happened.” —Dr. Seuss

My many years at Tait Communications are coming to an end in October. Although it was my decision to retire and this is something that I am looking forward to, it is not without some lamenting. I’ve loved working at Tait for the past 12 plus years and realize just how lucky I was to be working at a job I truly enjoyed instead of being saddled with a job I didn’t like.

Horror Vacui: The Fear of White Space

Horror Vacui: The Fear of White Space

By Myka Jones

Can’t we just squish it on the bottom of the page?
Why isn’t our logo bigger?
Why not put more photos in?

Even though white space has wonderful benefits associated with it, I often have to come to its defense.

As a designer, I want to unearth each question’s core concern, since it’s often legitimate:

Time Management Tips: Keeping On Top of Things

By Gail Nesbitt.

Do you always seem to be doing things at the last minute? Are you often rushing to meet a deadline? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, you’re probably on the lookout for new ways to organize and control your time better. Let’s face it: time management is really self-management.

Practice makes perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

By Todd Sasaki

Before I joined Tait four years ago, I spent most of my career working directly with youth. My very first job was working as an anger management counselor in New York City. I spent my days working with teenagers and young adults, individually and in groups, trying to teach them how to “control” their anger.



If you never try you'll never know

Staying Creative

By Jen 

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser

What do I love about my job? There are opportunities to be creative, but also the support and encouragement to shoot for “Wow!” each and every day.

Keep calm and answer the question

How to Give Good Answers to Tough Questions

By Roxane Poulin

As a professional facilitator and communicator, I am fascinated by questions. I spend a lot of time thinking about what makes a good question—and how a good question can lead to a great answer. I am particularly interested in how to make the most of the potential the right kinds of questions can create through dialogue.

Typewriter with Twitter logo

Oh How Things Have Changed: Communicating in the “New World”

By Leanne Tait

I’m old: I’ve come to terms with that. And I don’t really mean chronologically old, although my children would find me ancient.

I mean I’m old for my profession. I’ve been a marketer and communicator for the past 30+ years. Marketing/communications is often seen as a young person’s field.

And like many professions, 30 years means a lot of change.

When I started out in this business, I worked on an IBM Selectric. (How many of you even know what that is?)