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Photography and the World of Advertising

By Lisa Magaro

“We make pictures. At the end of the day, we create something potentially significant that did not exist at the beginning of the day. We go forward, despite the uncertainty. Because this is an act of love and passion, which defies reason and prudence.” —Joe McNally (American photographer who has been shooting for the National Geographic Society since 1987)

Want to capture someone’s attention? It’s all about the image.

Marketing Mix

Hit the target: Start with the 4 Ps of marketing

By Andrew Gilmour

You’ve got a great idea, identified a need, and have a great product or service to sell. Sounds like you’re on target for success.

Becoming an entrepreneur is exciting, but also full of challenges. Entrepreneurs are often one-person businesses, and aiming to start a business with small amounts of capital. When your time and resources are limited, planning and research can keep you from making costly mistakes and help your great business idea succeed.

Playing With Type: Learning There Is More to Words Than Letters

By Rebecca Hirsekorn

Don’t you just love words? They can say as much or as little as you want them to. They can be simple or complicated, edgy or soft. Words can mean many things to us through their definitions and connotations, through their sounds and even through the way they look.

Tait’s Top Ten Marketing Campaigns of 2015

By Taiters (written by Andrea Sanchez)

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably realized by now that marketing and advertising have drastically changed in the last decade. This year was no different, with innovative marketing campaigns where the medium was very much the message itself.

With so many great campaigns to choose from, Taiters took on the very difficult challenge of selecting their favourite marketing campaign of 2015. We compiled our very own top ten list (in no particular order) for you to read and get inspired!


Coping with holiday stress with effective communication

By Danielle Wawryk

Scouts, Guides, school play, dance recital, hockey, soccer, basketball, fund-raising, cookie exchange, perogy making, Christmas baking, gift shopping and wrapping... as a society we are busy. Many of us rush from one thing to another, all day long. From the beginning of the day we find ourselves hurrying to get kids to school, getting ourselves to work, attending meetings, rushing to pick up kids and getting everyone to a multitude of evening commitments. Life is busy and this is amplified during the holidays. Many of us may have a tendency to overschedule or double book our calendar to fit it all in, which results in more rushing and potential stress.

Nexum car

The Dangers of Safe Marketing

By Kevin Cull

Taking risks with your messaging can help you stand out.

In the 1980s and 90s, ASTAR urged us to play safe.

But playing it safe isn’t always the best choice.

We’re not as good at making decisions as we think we are—but we can do something about it

By Lisa Kenney 

Earlier this year I completed a PhD in Decision Science. When I tell people this, the usual reaction is, “A PhD in what? What’s that?” My usual response is, “I look at the psychology behind how people make decisions and apply this to stakeholder engagement and decision-making in anything from energy planning to community development.” “OK, cool. So what?” is the general follow-up comment.  So what indeed.

Nunavut restaurant

Travelling in Nunavut: It’s About Being Real

By Nancy Mullick

Business travel in Nunavut is either super exciting (for some) or a challenge (for most). Either way, it’s almost always an adventure. Weather. Flight cancellations. Basic accommodations. Variable store and restaurant hours. No restaurant.

It’s a journey to the unpredictable.

And that’s the predictable part.

Let's get started

Why Every Small Business Needs a Web Presence—Yes, Even in the North

By Kevin Cull

Even though the North covers an enormous area, it still feels like a small community sometimes. We have roughly the same population as a medium-sized city like St. John’s or Thunder Bay—spread across all three territories. That’s nearly 40 percent of Canada’s landmass. And within each territory that sense of community is even stronger.

It’s Not Goodbye, Just See You Later: Marsha’s Last Days at Tait

It’s Not Goodbye, Just See You Later: Marsha’s Last Days at Tait

By Marsha Walker

“Don’t Cry Because it’s Over. Smile Because it Happened.” —Dr. Seuss

My many years at Tait Communications are coming to an end in October. Although it was my decision to retire and this is something that I am looking forward to, it is not without some lamenting. I’ve loved working at Tait for the past 12 plus years and realize just how lucky I was to be working at a job I truly enjoyed instead of being saddled with a job I didn’t like.