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By Leanne Tait

As I prepare for my pending retirement (March 1, 2017), I am enjoying the process of going through old gems that I just couldn’t throw out: those things that had such influence and meaning for me in my career, and in that messy space between career and personal life.

... the drawings from my kids that say “love you mommy” in bright markers, which they made for me as they waited in the office for mommy to be ready to go home.

... the birthday cards and well wishes from staff at the annual roast that is a Tait birthday celebration.

By Andrea Sanchez

Every year we work on incredible projects with extraordinary people. This year was no different.

From self-government communication strategies, to workplace safety campaigns, 2016 was a year that challenged us all to look at traditional means of communication and ask the question “How can we make this better?” Often the answer came through thinking outside of the box and finding innovative solutions to address larger communication goals.

by Natalie Labossière

The holiday season is a time for gathering and celebrating with family and friends, as well as workplace colleagues. A lot of us are decking the office halls with boughs of bling and holly for the occasion. Here at Tait, the office has been decorated for weeks as our social committee joyfully stirred up anticipation amongst staff for this year’s Christmas party.

By Greg Bennett

Saying sorry is the hardest thing to do

In August 2008, Maple Leaf Foods was facing the worst crisis in its 100-year history.

Across the country, dozens of people fell ill—and some died—from consuming listeria-tainted packaged meats. A massive recall ensued, forcing the firm to shut down its Toronto packaging plant. Many thought the crisis would be the end of the iconic Canadian brand.

But Maple Leaf is as prominent today as it ever was.

By Greg Bennett

I will tell you up front that most press releases—even well-written ones—usually die in an editor’s recycling bin. Editors receive dozens of press releases every day, most of which are promptly tossed away.

Despite that dour introduction, I believe the press or “media” release can still be an easy, zero cost way to boost your visibility, or get an important message out. I believe there is still much value in positive publicity from traditional media, including newspapers, radio and television.

By Mary Adeyanju

Did you know that customer service likely dates back to around 1000 BC? That’s when merchants started becoming a part of societies, and had to find ways to not only sell their goods but also to meet their customers’ needs.

Today, customer service is more important than ever. The businesses—and other customer-focused organizations—that stand out are the ones who make a real effort to exceed their customers’ expectations.

By Lisa Kedian

Don’t you love free stuff? Of course you do. Who doesn’t love free stuff? And because everyone loves free stuff, organizations like to give away freebies to promote themselves.

You know what I’m talking about: pens, magnets, stickers, bouncy balls and countless other giveaways that we get at trade shows and other events.

By Rebecca Hirsekorn

How well do you know colour?


By Rebecca Hirsekorn

Of the seven elements of design (line, colour, texture, shape, space, value, size) that I use daily in my work as a graphic designer, colour is my favourite. Space is a close second, but colour is… so many things. And in my first year as a designer here in Yellowknife, I came to appreciate both the simplicity and complexity of working with colour and how it differs from how I used it as a graphic designer while living in Calgary.


By Greg Bennett 

Pick a topic, any topic; there’s probably someone writing a blog about it right now.

Since the birth of the Internet, people have been sharing their thoughts, opinions and knowledge in writing online. These works have become known as blogs and the writers known as bloggers.